about us

Needs are there, no need to make them up: it is starting from this intuition – apparently simple yet revolutionary in its scope – that Michela Jesurum decides to give birth to Energie Sociali Jesurum.
An unprecedented vision, to which the founder, after 25 years of experience gained in the communication and marketing of important companies and multinationals, arrives in the belief that the time for a change of paradigm has now matured in these areas. Hence the establishment of one of the first private public entities in Italy with the declared challenge of bringing together the needs, resources and potential of the two sectors to together respond to those needs.

The founder’s wealth of experience in the private sector and the skills acquired in the management of institutional relations with the main national administrations have therefore converged into a wide-ranging professional consultancy such as that which we now offer to companies in various product sectors.
Starting from the mission and the values that distinguish them, what we offer are CSR activities with an innovative approach as they are able to best articulate the strategic communication objectives of the individual realities.

Energie Sociali Jesurum is therefore a laboratory of ideas, an incubator of experiences, in which new forms of marketing are experimented, capable of promoting economic growth and the brand equity of companies and, at the same time, the well-being of citizens.
The new forms of marketing and strategic communication are supported by activities that exploit the various media, from press office activities to social media, thus allowing global coverage.

Our experience is constantly evolving. We are always receptive to the stimuli that come from outside to take every useful opportunity to increase the means and resources that we have available. With this in mind, the first VR projects were born with the offer of immersive, cutting-edge and high empathic sensorial experiences.
A new tool capable of communicating in a powerful way.