chi siamo

An internal team and a consolidated network of professionals allows us to offer advice and services in various specific ‘trades’.

A team made up of Communicators, Journalists, Public Speakers and Innovators, led by Michela Sara Jesurum, entrepreneur, with an experience in communication and Public Relations, alongside many companies *. A know-how that led to a consideration: needs exist, they must not be invented – the reason for the Private Public.

* Such as: Unilever, Bolton, Sammontana, Rolex, Honda, Mele dell’Alto Adige, Admenta Italia, Moët & Chandon.

Francesca Corradi – Social Responsibility

Weaving relationships, enhancing the credibility and social impact of brands, through synergies with Public Administrations, of which I have gained deep knowledge and experience. This, together with the ability to build synergies between the needs of the third sector and those of the private sector, allows me to follow CSR projects from their conception to their implementation.

Emmanuela Tubelli – Visibility

Enrolled in the National Register of Journalists, I have been in the field of communication and media relations for years. Researching, seizing and creating the greatest possible number of visibility opportunities is my passion, as well as my job.

Tommaso Isacco Leoni – Innovation

Communicating and innovating, creating relationships and seizing opportunities are the things I deal with. At twenty I opened my first company, following communication and marketing strategies, in particular with the new tools that technologies offer. Studying trends, thinking about futuristic proposals, because change is fundamental in our sector.

Costanza Castellani – Interaction

Social networks are increasingly fundamental media, I am passionate about images and consequently Instagram is the tool I prefer. I follow leading clients in the field of design, I study social strategies for various strategic purposes. Being there is just the beginning, differentiating is the tool, growing the goal.