Since its establishment, the Energie Sociali Jesurum Association has been a facilitator of the dialogue between the public and private sectors by virtue of skills that are transversal to the two sectors.
With the numerous initiatives created over the years alongside the institutions, the Association has in fact acquired a deep-rooted presence in the area, from which the ability to read and interpret needs and resources.
A know how that Energie Sociali puts at the service of companies that want to bet on innovative CSR actions, as they are built starting from the real needs of the communities in which these needs are concerned.
Hence, a business model is established in which the private marketing strategies and the Welfare Development Plans of the various public administrations coexist and feed each other.

A value meeting, for both actors that Energie Sociali Jesurum puts on the net: the public and the private.
From its foundation to today, the Association has therefore worked with the main Italian companies, designing and implementing projects in line with their values and their mission.
The initiatives were developed in collaboration with the various Italian municipal administrations which, at no cost, offered to citizens proposals and services regarding rights, family assistance, childcare policies, interventions in favor of fragile citizens, recomposition of the social fabric with a view to inclusiveness.