2018, Milan Municipality

An initiative promoted in 2018 in collaboration with the Assessorato alle Politiche Sociali and the Assessorato alla Trasformazione digitale e Servizi civici of the Municipality of Milan. Thanks to the partnership with Lloyds Pharmacy and private companies, all the families of the participating municipalities and with children between 4 and 8 months have been given a kit of products dedicated to the hour of care, made at zero cost for the administration.

The project wanted to promote a conscious attention among citizens to oral hygiene and prevention, also through a questionnaire from the Municipality aimed at investigating the habits of Milanese families regarding oral hygiene.

11 January 2018, Press Conference at Palazzo Marino in the presence of the then Assessore alle Politiche sociali e cultura della salute of the Municipality of Milan Pierfrancesco Majorino, the Assessore alla Trasformazione digitale e Servizi Civici Roberta Cocco, the Director of Retail Sales ADMENTA Italia Arianna Furia and representatives of all the companies involved.