2017 – ongoing, Milan Municipality and other Municipalities


An initiative promoted by the Municipality of Milan now also extended to other Municipalities in Italy, such as Municipality of Lissone, Cremona, Bologna, Sant’Agata Bolognese, Prato, San Giovanni Valdarno. Nursery products, diapers, creams, wipes, accessories, books, guidelines for new parents: a useful kit for the first days together.


An initiative to welcome all girls and all children born and give – without distinction of income – a small but concrete contribution to all new mothers residing in Milan and in the municipalities involved. In this way, the companies involved are able to enter the homes of all the parents of the participating municipalities, allowing them to know the advantages of their products.


A few weeks after the birth of their children, parents receive a letter from the Registry at home which contains, in addition to a warm welcome to new arrivals, all the instructions to go and collect the products dedicated to them at the nearest LloydsFarmacia.