2017-2018 Philips Foundation, Italian Red Cross, Municipality of Milan

At the Italian Red Cross Clinic – Committee of Milan, 1000 free cardiological check-ups for people in difficulty thanks to the collaboration of Philips Foundation, Italian Red Cross – Committee of Milan and the Municipality of Milan. Electrocardiogram, measurement of blood pressure and oxygen saturation in the blood: the tests will be carried out by a qualified nurse thanks to the health devices made available by Philips, subsequently donated together with five defibrillators.
Philips Foundation has also carried out a restructuring of the clinic to make a contribution in making the clinic even warmer and more welcoming.

A project that wanted to promote the culture of prevention, treatment and community.
Philips Foundation supported WeMi (wemi.milano.it), a project carried out by the Municipality of Milan as part of the “Welfare in action” of the Cariplo Foundation. The portal of home services of the Municipality of Milan: in a single platform, quality services, for all.

January 30, 2017, Press Conference in Palazzo Marino in the presence of the then Assessore alle Politiche Sociali, Salute e Diritti of the Municipality of Milan Pierfrancesco Majorino, the former President and CEO of Philips Italy, Israel and Greece Stefano Folli and the President of the Red Cross Italian – Committee of Milan Luigi Maraghini Garrone