In 2016, Invisalign supported the path of five of the candidates who participated to Plan C events, an innovative set of solutions to facilitate and make the meeting between women and work more productive.
C to Work offers an accompaniment system to a new job, helping a group of women to develop their work identity, explore their skills, work in teams on objectives assigned by a partner company of the project.

Invisalign knows how much the mouth is the protagonist in the important moments of our life.
And It is committed to offer the opportunity to live experiences, social and professional, without feeling uncomfortable because of teeth.
That’s why Invisalign decided to financially support the path of 5 of the candidates: to allow them not only to face this path of reconstruction of their professional life with serenity, but also to do it with an open and confident smile towards the future.

Press conference at Palazzo Marino in the presence of Cristina Tajani, Assessore alle Politiche per il lavoro e Sviluppo economico of the Municipality of Milan, Sofia Borri, General Manager of Plan C, Enrico Mamoli.