2014, by the master Storaro, Unilever Italia in collaboration with Roma Capitale

A project to revive the history and social life of Rome: study of the Permanent Artistic Illumination of the Fori Imperiali by the Master Vittorio Storaro, Oscar winner for Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola, Reds by Warren Beatty and The Last Emperor by Bernardo Bertolucci.
“A complementarity between two types of Light: Sun and Moon, Earth and Sky, Conflict and Harmony, which appear to balance the Vision of the whole new Foro of Rome … and beyond”.
(Maestro Vittorio Storaro)

“This is another step forward to build the largest urban archaeological park on the planet. We continue to work every day to restore the international prestige Rome deserves”.
(Ignazio Marino, Mayor of Roma Capitale)

Roma Capitale and Unilever together for a new way of experiencing the art, culture and history of our country.
Sustainable lighting, which involves the use of only LEDs, devices characterized by the possibility of obtaining high brightness, efficiency and reliability.
Thanks to the Master Vittorio Storaro and architect Francesca Storaro.