2015-2016, Lysoform with the municipality of Milan

An initiative under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan to support all 151 public primary schools in the city, through the donation by Lysoform of commonly used material: a list of material for each school, in order to be able to respond in a targeted manner to different needs, and notebooks branded to each student.

To make a small contribution to all 151 public primary schools in Milan, taking care of children not only at home, but also at school.

March 2015, press conference at Palazzo Marino in the presence of the then Assessore alle Politiche sociali e Cultura della salute Pierfrancesco Majorino and the then Assessore all’Educazione e all’Istruzione Francesco Cappelli of the Municipality of Milan.

School year 2015/2016, meeting with schools and carrying out the project.