VR revolution

The world of communication is constantly evolving.
The real progress consists in relying, from time to time, on the medium that best suits your time. It is in this perspective that Energie Sociali Jesurum meets Virtual Reality, an instrument with exceptional communication potential and not yet fully understood, capable of proposing totally immersive experiences and, therefore, a total identification in the feeling of others.
And so, to try what the other feels, to immerse oneself in his condition, to acquire empathic awareness. In this lies the revolution: to feel, to understand.
And therefore generate change.
A trend that our reality aims to follow, and anticipate, by combining its communication skills with those of partners with great experience in the sector, selected from the main and most accredited experts in digital and VR technologies on the world scene.

In the wake of this experience, the Feel itChange it … project was born, protagonist, among other things, of the latest edition of Pets in The City staged in Milan from 4 to 6 October 2019, where, at the inside the stand of the Municipality of Milan, it proposed two VR pills to offer visitors the opportunity to put themselves into the animal shoes. A sensory cube that, thanks to the technology of virtual reality, makes us identify with a fish in a neglected aquarium or a dog left inside a car.

A paradigm that Energie Sociali Jesurum aims to apply to many other areas, creating an innovative storytelling for companies, as it is capable of telling the affirmation of a brand and its products, of the company and its values and mission. An instrument whose resources are capable of showing themselves above all in a historical period such as the current one, in which the spread of Covid-19 has imposed a strong acceleration in the digitalization, including of events, fairs, conferences and opportunities for business and public to meet. In this sense, new technologies, increasingly immediate and accessible to all, can be promoters of a new way of experiencing common spaces and resources.

At the same time, VR can be applied to themes of collective interest, with the aim of involving people in immersive experiences that allow, among other things, not to lose memory and avoid the repetition of negative phenomena inherent in man’s repetition compulsion. People will be brought to relive past situations in order to positively leverage the future behaviors of the users we all, public and private, turn to.