what we do

Energie Sociali Jesurum was born in 2014. It is an incubator of experiences in which new forms of communication are experimented, to favor the strategic objectives of Companies, Institutions, Consortia, Bodies and Associations. A lab to build a new language to develop into an effective storytelling for the specific needs of the partners.

Institutional Communication, Product Communication, Press Office, Crisis Communication and Strategic Marketing is what we deal with, combining traditional methodologies and progress in the best possible way.

A constant search for innovation that has led us, among other things, to the definition of Public – Private strategies capable of relating the marketing, communication and reputation needs of private companies and the needs of communities intercepted in synergy with institutions and Public Administrations.

What does it mean? We take care of conceiving, designing and implementing for our client companies high-impact Social Responsibility projects, capable of maximizing the strategic and ethical objectives of each reality.

Energie Sociali Jesurum autonomously manages individual initiatives, as well as ongoing consultancy, reporting to the client and taking full responsibility for the results.