what we do

Energie Sociali Jesurum deals with Public-Private projects by relating the marketing needs, brand awareness and CSR of private companies and the requests for activities of public administrations and territories.
What does it mean? We take care of conceiving, designing and implementing high impact activi-ties for companies that manage to support the activities of entities and administrations, with ben-eficial and value results for both the public and the private sector.
Thanks to years of experience and planning in the area and of the work with the Municipalities and Institutions, Energie Sociali Jesurum therefore proposes itself as a facilitator capable of net-working private companies that intend to reason together with Public Administrations and entities on shared activities.

For us at Energie Sociali Jesurum, the key word is co-planning: the public-private partnership goes beyond the perspective of sponsorship, but provides for the implementation of strategies and shared actions between private companies and municipalities and in every project phase.
The advantage for the private company, in addition to responding to its business strategies and Brand reputation, is to approach its end customer directly – meeting them in their real daily needs.