#mai solo

The Covid-19 emergency brought Energie Sociali Jesurum to an awareness: to overcome this moment, it is necessary not so much to imagine doing the things we used to do, but to conceive and practice new solutions and methods, to undertake new paths, never traveled before. This is the challenge that, translated and applied to our work, means formulating for companies that want to bet on the future, innovative CSR proposals, capable of combining the need to restart companies with the growing needs of a community hard hit by the health emergency first and then by the socioeconomic one.
Today, more than ever, the needs are there, no need to make them up.
Thus was born Mai Solo, a wide-ranging project, in which Public, Private, Third Sector and citizens converge their resources and their commitment in view of a common goal: to support, through qualified services and proposals, those who during and after the the emergency are facing the greatest difficulties. By offering them closeness, listening and concrete help, such as the logo born from the talent of the well-known art director Daniele Cima and generously donated to the initiative, he is well able to express.
Mai solo is a project in continuous evolution, which day after day knows how to reinvent itself to better adapt to the needs of an extremely changing socio-economic scenario.

Mai solo

Everything started with Mai solo, se resti a casa, with which, from the very first days of the emergency, Energie Sociali Jesurum has supported and helped citizens in a state of fragility, being able to count, among others, on the support of private entities who, in line with the values of their mission, have decided to do their part. An aggregation of resources, skills and commitment, which has led to surprising results: thousands of shopping delivered free of charge to the elderly, disabled, single parents and people in difficulty; 70 families adopted and who received basic necessities; thousands of food parcels distributed to people in precarious economic conditions; medical masks distributed for free in Public Housing; delivery of teaching materials to pediatric hospitals, associations and communities; a free dogsitting service.

The project implementation strategy has also been able to adapt to the new intervention paradigms imposed by the current situation: the work of volunteers – over 200 throughout the city – was coordinated remotely through a specially prepared management platform that allowed the collection and the management of requests and the subsequent, fluid processing.

The sustainability of the project is the result of a joint action, in which the contribution of multiple actors converges: Public, Private, Third Sector Associations and citizens who can make their own contribution through a fundraising campaign launched on the crowdfunding platform Rete del Dono.

A great support comes, also, once again from Daniele Cima: the art director, graphic designer and visual artist has in fact decided to offer his support to the activity with Lock Notes, a graphic diary of domestic confinement in which Cima visually traces his own lockdown experience through unpublished artwork now merged into a large collection, offered for sale to support Mai solo. Graphic works, catalog, t-shirts, shoppers: 58 graphic works that tell 58 days of suspension, through different perspectives among which everyone can choose the one closest to their way of looking at this incredible period and thus contribute to helping people and families which the virus took away everything.

In July 2020, Mai solo also experienced further development, to respond to new demands and social needs. With the support of Fondazione Snam, came to life Mai Solo con i tuoi bimbi, a free summer campus for children between 6 and 11 years old in the Isola neighborhood and designed to allow parents in the area to work during the summer entrusting their children to the care of campus workers. The initiative, which took place until the end of August in the Casa della Memoria – a place of great symbolic and cultural value – involved 21 children, identified thanks to the Department of Social and Housing Policies of the Municipality and the territorial city networks, which selected the families with special needs. With a varied and qualified offer – from school recovery to drawing and theater workshops, from film screenings to outdoor games – the campus has guaranteed to the little ones who have not been able to leave the city for the holidays, moments of sharing and lightheartedness.